Dream Upgrades

IMG_6273I should have known I was in for another wild ride on Maui when Budget Rental Car upgraded me to a hot rod Camero.  My preferred means of transportation is my well-loved rusty, trusty friend with two wheels or my hybrid hatchback that gets 45 mpg.  Honestly, I was a little nervous about driving this “upgrade” which, compared to my other vehicles, sounded and felt more like like a jet plane than a car.  In the spirit of adventure, I revved her up and took off towards my favorite secret spot on Maui before heading to the not-so-secret Westin Resort to attend a writer’s workshop.

My Dreaming with the Wheel board & my ticket to the “Writing From Your Soul” workshop.

The seed for this whole journey was planted when I stuck this picture of “Maui the Magic Isle” and the words “Writing from Your Life” together on my Dreaming with the Wheel board (my version of a vision board based on the directions in the Medicine Wheel).  I placed this picture in the South which, in short, represents rapid growth and a time of challenge (positive or negative).  The South is also the direction where the “Trickster” reminds us to play, not take ourselves too seriously and be aware of the characters we’re hanging out with.

I envisioned escaping to a quite cottage in upland Maui this summer to finally give birth to my book.  My vision for how things would play out changed when my hula sister sent me an e-mail about a workshop called “Writing From Your Soul,” facilitated by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Nancy Levin and the President of Hay House Publishing, Reid Tracy.  (Hay House is the top publisher of self-help/spiritual books and was founded by the great healer/teacher/author, Louise Hay, who continues to share her Light with the world at age 88). IMG_6385 Given I was only one word off [of the title of the workshop] on my dream board, how could I NOT attend this workshop… even if hanging with 500+ other writers at a bustling resort wasn’t originally what I had in mind?  After all, in recent weeks many of the dreams represented on my board have been coming into full manifestation.  Some are aspirations that were first seeded three years ago.  Others have seemed to manifest in a flash.  Why stop the flow now?

The first night of the workshop, Doreen Virtue spoke on her own creative process and publishing lessons.  Listening to her, I realized I had come full circle.  Doreen’s book, “Divine Guidance” (about how to dialogue with God and your guardian angels) was one of the very first spiritual/self-help books I had read outside of the Bible.  It was a book which confirmed for me that  1) I wasn’t crazy and 2) This dialogue is something I can continue to cultivate and grow stronger.  What a full circle moment to be re-inspired by an author who was partially responsible for awakening the “Soul Seed” I am now cultivating almost 20 years later! The weekend continued to be full of one synchronicity after another – complete confirmation in the power of my thoughts and intentions.  Serendipity came as no surprise among a gathering of people and wisdom teachers like Dr. Wayne Dyer who believe that, when we are aligned with our true purpose, we have limitless potential!  I could write a whole book on all the happenings of those few days, but I have LOTS of other writing ahead of me!  I intend to submit my book proposal to Hay House Publishing in early December.  Re-energizing my blog is the first of many steps I’ll take to to build my platform and reach out to potential readers (which I learned is a very important part of the whole process in the eyes of publishers).  Because of this workshop, I have a shot at a publishing contract and a $10,000 advance through Hay House Publishing.  I’m shooting for the moon, and if I miss I’ll still be among stars (and publish my book regardless)!
Truthfully, I would not be aiming for publishing through a company the size of Hay House were it not for this workshop.  Sometimes our dreams need an upgrade, even one we didn’t ask for.  One of the quotes from Doreen Virtue that keeps sticking with me is, “Your book is the vehicle for your work.”  Hmm… perhaps the Camero that took me out of my comfort zone as soon as I turned the key was a foreshadowing of things to come.  Rising up to reach for our limitless potential can be a daunting journey but I know “I CAN DO IT” (and SO CAN YOU)! I appreciate your support in following my blog and sharing it with others.  For those looking for a deep dive into the Medicine Wheel and what it means to Live ALOHA, Be PONO, and DREAM BIG, check out my Ola Lokahi retreats at www.mindbodyaloha.com and/or subscribe to my newsletter.

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