In the Spirit of Lokahi

Great interview of my Kumu Lomilomi by Dr. Ely.
Maka’ala’s book “Na’auao Ola Hawaii: Hawaiian Principles and Practices of Being Well” is now available on Amazon.

Indigenous Medicine

This is an interview conducted over the telephone between myself and Dr. Jane Ely that I thought would be worth posting. Mahalo Jane.

In The Spirit of Lo’kahi:
An interview on the work and world vision of Dr. Maka’ala Yates D.C.

Written by: Dr. Jane Ely, D. Min.

Lokahi is an ancient Hawaiian word with many layers of meanings. For Maka’ala Yates, lokahi is the essence of unity, peacemaking, harmony, connection, and embracing diversity. Ho’o lokahi is the action that brings about agreement, diversity, and unity. But it is much more than this.

In the Hawaiian language there are tones, sounds, and meanings within meanings that carry vibrational frequencies of understanding, mana [life force], and healing. As Maka’ala explains, Lokahi is the platform upon which to communicate and illuminate healing and more importantly, to reunite that which has been broken back into unity, and awareness—in short, to renew…

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