Understanding Hawaiians (Na Kanaka Maoli)

I’m re-bloging a powerful message that can help us understand, not only Hawaiians, but all indigenous people. Courtesy of Maka’ala Yates~

Indigenous Medicine

It is the year 2012 and the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi (PKOA) is finally recognized by the United Nations as an indigenous sovereign nation.  After many years of painstaking struggle, we as Hawaiians can finally return home.  The government of Atooi now has jurisdiction over the U.S. government, occupying Hawaii according to international law and the recognition by the UN.  You can find the headquarters of this nation on the island of Kauai.  The Ali’i Nui (High Chief) is Aleka (Dayne) Aipoalani (a direct descendant of Kaumuali’i) and the kingdom’s website is http://www.atooination.com.  PKOA is composed of peoples from diverse cultures whose relationships share the mission of ho’opono ‘aina (to make right with the land).  Hawaiians now have an opportunity to regain their stolen lands and government (1893 colonial possession by the U.S).

Atooi is a far cry from my young days growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii…

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